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LITRATURA: A Photography and Haiku-Writing Contest

Get a chance to have your picture seen by the crowd! Take a shot, create a haiku for your photo, and you’re all set for the contest!

The chosen theme will promote interesting glimpses of everyday life – the unusual, unexpected, yet unmistakably Filipino. Each photo entry will be accompanied by an originally composed haiku relevant to the theme of the photo.

The contest aims to embody Japanese literature through creativity in Filipino photography.


The registration form can be accomplished here.


I. Photograph (45%)

1. Relevance to theme (15%)

  • Is the theme translated well in the photograph?
  • Do the elements in the photo highlight/complement the main theme?

2. Composition and Creativity (15%)

  • Is the photo visually interesting?
  • Are the elements in the photo well-placed?
  • Does the photo exhibit originality?
  • Does the photo show elements used in creative ways, especially to complement the theme?

3. Technical quality (15%)

  • Does the photo show the contestant’s skills regarding the medium involved?
  • Does the quality of the image complement the photo as a whole?
  • Do the techniques used in the photo complement its theme and message?

II. Haiku (45%)

1. Relevance to theme and photo (15%)

  • Does the haiku reflect the theme?
  • Do the haiku and photo complement each other?

2. Composition of haiku (20%)

  • Is the haiku original and not adapted from other works?
  • Was the haiku presented creatively and interestingly?

3. Technicality (10%)

  • Were the standard measurements of a haiku met?

III. People’s Choice (10%)

Qualified entries will be posted in this page where the public can vote for their favorite. The number of votes (or “Likes”) will be translated to percentages and will serve as the grade in this criterion.



  1. The contest is open to all amateur Filipino photographers and writers.
  2. An entry shall be composed of a photo and a haiku, both related to the assigned theme. Both the photo and the haiku should not have been previously submitted or to be submitted to any other competition, owned by other entity, nor subject of any copyright issues.
  3. Entries shall be submitted on or before the deadline (February 9, 2011) by email to uptomokai@gmail.com. Further details regarding entry submission for the photo and haiku are specified below.
  4. Each entry should be accompanied with a duly accomplished Entry form and a signed Undertaking form. Intellectual property rights on the works remain with the photographer and author. All entries will be considered property of U.P. TOMO-KAI. The same receives the right to utilize the works as it may deem at its discretion, provided that the contributors are properly acknowledged.
  5. A team may submit a maximum of two (2) entries. In case both entries of the same team win any of the prizes, the prize of higher value shall be awarded. The remaining prize shall be given in favor of the succeeding winners in descending order.
  6. There are no restrictions to the number of persons in a team, provided that all members are qualified as specified in the contest rules.
  7. Only entries belonging to the top ten (10) shall be included in the photo exhibit.
  8. Judges’ decision is final. U.P. TOMO-KAI reserves the right to modify the mechanics and contest rules.
  9. Violation and/or non-compliance of any rule stated in this contest mechanics shall be a ground for disqualification.


  1. Entries can be a photo taken after the official call for entries has been released or a previously taken photo matching the theme, provided that it meets the requirements given below.
  2. Photos must be submitted in digital copy (JPEG format only) with a minimum file size of 1MB. Photo resolution must at least be 300 dpi. Document size should be A4. Photos can be in any orientation and color.
  3. Photo concept should be original and wholesome. Logos, brand names, and images depicting obscene language and behavior appearing in the photo are grounds for immediate disqualification.
  4. No name or any mark identifying the photographer shall be included in the photo itself. Names of photographers shall be included only after judging and during the photo exhibit.
  5. Photos should not be altered digitally. All enhancements shall be done on-camera.
  6. Image file conversion, cropping, resizing, and resampling are allowed.

Haiku Composition

  1. The haiku should be in Japanese with the traditional rhythmic format. A free or direct translation in English must accompany the entry. Only the Japanese version will be considered for judging.
  2. Entries should be typewritten and in PDF format, sent as an attachment.
  3. Plagiarized haiku, previously-published haiku, or haiku closely similar to previously published haiku will be disqualified.

Online Voting

  1. A fan page for LITRATURA will be created in Facebook. The link to the fan page will be posted at the U.P. TOMO-KAI website, the exhibit, and in publicity materials.
  2. Photo entries will be uploaded in the Photos tab of the said fan page. The haiku and the name of the photographer and author/s will be put as caption.
  3. The public may vote for their favorite entry by clicking on the “Like” button.
  4. Only votes made within the specified voting period will be accepted.
  5. The entry with the most number of “Likes” after the voting period will win the People’s Choice Award.
  6. Translation of number of votes (or “Likes”) to points: (Number of “Likes” of an entry / Total number of “Likes”) * 0.10 = points


  • Start of call for entries: December 15, 2010
  • Deadline of submission of entries: February 9, 2011
  • Judging: February 12, 2011
  • Announcement of finalists: February 14, 2011
  • Online voting: February 14-25, 2011
  • Exhibit: February 21-25, 2011
  • Closing program and awarding: February 26, 2011


1st prize: PHP6,000 worth of prizes + trophy
2nd prize:
PHP3,000 worth of prizes + certificate
People’s Choice Award:
PHP1,000 worth of prizes + certificate



3 thoughts on “LITRATURA: A Photography and Haiku-Writing Contest

  1. You may now vote for your favorite LITRATURA entries by liking the photo/s in the “FINALISTS” album of the page. Online voting period is from February 21, 2011- March 3, 2011 10pm. Remember an award for the People’s Choice or entry with most number of likes will be given! Also, the number of likes an entry has will have a corresponding percentage on its total score. So go and like, like, like!


    Posted by ilovetomokai | February 21, 2011, 12:20 am
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: The online voting period is extended until March 10, 2011 (10pm). Just go ahead and vote for your favorite entry/entries! :)


    Posted by ilovetomokai | February 24, 2011, 4:01 pm


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