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Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends Block Screening

Sakabatou, Sayounara

Mark Walter Fuentes, Batch Bentou

Yet another successful block screening event offered by both UP Tomo-Kai and AMUSE PH was held last September 26 (Friday) at Trinoma Cinema 2 for one of the most anticipated Japanese films of 2014, Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends (Japanese: るろうに剣心 伝説の最期編). This serves as UP Tomo-Kai’s second collaborative effort in organizing a Block Screening event with Amuse PH, with the first one held last August for the 2nd Installment, Kyoto Inferno. This is the third over-all including its first ever Block Screening event last 2012 for the first installment of the trilogy. In attendance during the screening were around 400 moviegoers flocking to Trinoma Cinema 2 and making the event a very successful one.
As they say, all good things must come to an end. And things did end, but in the best possible way for Rurouni Kenshin fans with this final chapter of director Keishi Otomo’s blockbuster trilogy. The Legend Ends, or RK3 for most fans, finally arrived in Philippine cinemas nationwide last September 24. This is the second sequel of a two-parter based on the popular Kyoto Arc of the Rurouni Kenshin manga and anime series. It follows the events of the previous film, Kyoto Inferno, where Kenshin awakens, following a striking confrontational encounter with Shishio that ends with Kenshin jumping overboard into the sea and kicks off with him waking up after three days to find himself in the company of his Master, Hiko Seijuro, who took him in after he found Kenshin unconscious on the beach. Just like the two previous installments – Rurouni Kenshin in 2012 and Kyoto Inferno last August 2014 – The Legend Ends is a well-made movie that exceeds expectations beyond heights. It greatly satisfied fans with its brilliantly created plot twists, seamless visual effects, breathtaking stunts, cheesy romantic scenes, and comical efforts. Yes, it was possible to have all of these great things squeezed in in one movie. The note-worthy combination of action, humor and sparkles of romance kept the viewers’ drive to watch surging on.

The movie screening was indeed the highlight of the night, but there was also a short 30 minute program hosted by UP Tomo-Kai right before the film started rolling. The program was composed of two parts, a quick trivia game and a raffle draw. After seeing that the cinema was already packed with a lot of fans and viewers, the hosts began to start the game. The game was simple for it only required participants to answer trivia questions revolving solely around Rurouni Kenshin. Lucky winners were able to receive Rurouni Kenshin memorabilias such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. For the raffle draw, winners were drawn from a container holding a copy of every ticket number that attendees during the event had in hand. The raffle involved several different possible fabulous prizes that can be won like Hoodies, Character Hats, Cosplay Photobooks, a limited edition Photobook featuring the ever so popular Takeru Satoh (who plays the lead role), and the most sought-after prize of that night, a real life and an utterly deadly Sakabatou, a reverse-edged blade sword, from one of the event sponsors, Geisha’s Blade. Fortunate folks ran down frantically in great haste towards UP Tomo-Kai representatives to claim their raffle prizes as soon as their winning numbers were called out. After giving tons of prizes away, it was finally time for everyone to stay on their seats, fan over, and indulge themselves in the world of Himura Kenshin which was set in a fictional Japan. Much feels were shared everywhere and it was pretty much evident that fans were totally excited to release some explosive and rushing emotions that they were containing within themselves for days as cheers, laughter, and applause echoed and filled the cinema throughout the whole movie.

By the end of the movie, fans were left satisfied but some, well, were craving for more. But really now, who wouldn’t? Everyone left the cinema and friendly conversations among fans and picture taking sessions started to take place outside. It was such a heart-warming experience to see people smiling and leaving with a satisfied look shown on their faces.

And in behalf of grateful organizers, we would like to thank everyone especially to our sponsors for attending that one enchanting night. It was definitely a memorable one. This may be the end of the Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy, but this only marks the beginning for UP Tomo-Kai. You will surely hear more from us soon. We do hope that everyone could support us again. Til next time!


This event is co-presented by Bibo Global Opportunity Inc.

In cooperation with Geisha’s Blade and C21 International Language School.

Special thanks to Miyoko Louisse, Wakuwaku, Fandom Trinkets, and Cosplay.ph.

Partner Organizations: International Club of UP, Parkour UP, UP Aniban ng mga Kabitenyo, UP Anime-Manga Enthusiasts, UP Architecture Forum, UP Deutscher Verein, UP IE Club, UP Physics Association, UP Soccsksargen, and UP Kendo Club.

Media Partners: WhenInManila.com, Otakultura, Deremoe, DZUP, Xtian Mack’s Cosplay and Anime Cafe, and Anime Alliance.



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