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Bloody Greetings

Bloody Greetings

Mika Lenon, Batch Hachikou


After one hundred years of peace, the flesh-eating titans breached the wall Maria and brought fear to humanity. The scent of blood filled the air as the titans feasted on human flesh without any hint of hesitation. But no matter how fast the people ran, could they really hide from the titans?

Last August 14 in Trinoma Cinema 1, UP Tomo-Kai had a block screening of the most awaited, Attack on Titan Part 1 Live Action Movie. We would like to thank everyone who attended our event and made this block screening possible.

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is originally a Japanese fantasy manga, which is about humanity and the man-eating Titans (giants), written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

We received reservations in just a few weeks once our publicity material was released about a month before the event. It was difficult to get the tickets to the buyers since a lot of us were busy for enrollment but we did our best in making sure the tickets get to the buyers.

On the most awaited day, UP Tomo-Kai members gathered at the venue to set-up and prepare everything around 4 pm. The Attack on Titan posters on our registration table and the standee wearing the Scouting Legion’s uniform beside it were more than enough to draw the attention of the people passing by. Some of them had already reserved tickets and were just waiting for us to let them in, while a few weren’t able to reserve theirs but still want to watch the movie. It was their lucky day for we still had a few tickets left.

Seeing many groups of people come together to watch the movie was truly a fulfilling experience for the members. As we waited for the previous movie to end, we were all surprised to see a Colossal Titan. People took turns in taking pictures with the cosplayer.

People, barely containing their excitement, finally entered the cinema at around 6:30 pm. On their way in, there were different anime merchandise fans can buy, and the free snacks and drinks—together with the other freebies—were given upon entrance. As soon as the theater was packed, UP Tomo-Kai hosted a short program where some from the audience were able to participate in a few games. Thanks to our sponsors, the winners were able to take home different prizes. After the game, the hosts proceeded to the raffle draw. The lucky ones whose number got called excitedly raised their hands then ran down to the front to have their tickets signed so they can claim their prize after the movie.

Finally, when the lights were turned off, everyone settled in their seats and prepared themselves. When the main characters were introduced, cheers were heard all over the cinema. Each time a new character appears, you’ll hear different guesses from different sides of the cinema. And of course, amazement, excitement, and a little bit of disgust—of how creepy the titans are—filled the air when the titans made their grand entrance! As the movie goes on, you’ll hear the audience gasp, laugh, and then shout quietly as the titan appeared during the most unexpected moments.

After the show, you could hear everyone as they excitedly share their favorite part of the movie and their reactions with their friends. It sure is fun to watch movies with your fellow fans, and I’m sure everyone wasn’t able to get enough from this part 1. That is why, UP Tomo-Kai cannot wait to offer the part 2 of this movie and watch it with everyone this coming September 25, Friday. Surely, the next one will also contain lots of twist, titans, and more fighting scenes. We hope to see you there!

Shingeki no Kyojin Part 1 Live Action Movie Block Screening is brought to you by UP Tomo-Kai.

This event is co-presented by Anime.E and Cruz Marcelo and Tenefrancia.

In cooperation with ANA, Cream-O and Yakisoba.

Special thanks to Viva PSICOM.

Partner Organization: UP Volleyball Club.

Media Partners: arkadymac.com and magnetic-rose.net




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