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Huni: An Interactive Exhibit

Huni: An Interactive Exhibit

RL Honorario, Batch Gintoki


HUNI (the sound of a chirping bird) a spring-themed interactive exhibit was held last Friday, April 8, 2016 from 2:30-5:30 pm as part of UP Tomo-Kai’s month-long 25th anniversary celebration entitled, “HANAKOTOBA: Poetry of Flowers.”

When you get to the fourth floor of Palma Hall and enter PH400, you’ll see a room filled with colorful decorations. There are a lot of interactive booths for guests to try out. Visitors were greeted with smiles. Each of them had this astonished look on their face as they entered the room.

The first booth you’ll see upon entering is the Paper Cutting Booth. Everyone enjoyed it as Ms. Sinag de Leon taught them the basics of paper cutting. Everyone’s outputs looked amazing as they had produced intricate designs which would look unique in anyone’s eyes.

Meanwhile in the Baybayin Booth, everyone had the chance to have their names written in Baybayin. Mr. Raymond Cosare showed the guests on how it’s done.

In the Origami Booth, guests folded origami papers of different colors and textures. Colorful cranes and other kinds of origami filled the table. Guests enjoyed making different animals and shapes letting the colorful papers come to life.

Next to the Origami booth is the Puni Booth manned by Ms. Rheeza Hernandez . It is similar in a way to Origami but instead of paper, we use coconut leaves. I like this booth because when I was in elementary, my uncle taught me how to make a ball using coconut leaves. I didn’t know that I can also make a fish or a rose.

Near the Puni booth, was the Shoudo Booth. Members of Filipica (a group of Japanese housewives in the Philippines) taught guests on how their names are written in Japanese characters. Names were written in ink with a calligraphy brush on paper.

Roaming around can be a bit tiring. Resting is a good way to replenish your energy; we had a Library Corner and Games Booth. Here, people comfortably sat on the mat as they look through magazines, manga and komiks. Some played the different board games while others simply sat there as they waited for their turn for the Kitsuke Booth.

Each member of UP Tomo-Kai was assigned a task in helping out and I was tasked to help out at the Kitsuke Booth. Guests had the chance to dress in yukata with the help of Filipica. It was a bit envious to see the customers lined up there while I help out but even so it was fun seeing the smiles on guests’ faces. Guests were given the chance to choose from the hanged apparels. They also took shots as a commemorative photo. Some members from Filipica even taught them poses as they took their shots. ‘Barkadas’ or groups of students took their pictures in groups.

Aside from booths, there were also performances during the event. The first performance was a Live Painting by Ms. Atsuko Yamagata. Smooth and colorful strokes could be seen in her painting. The different strokes had this calming effect especially with the blue swirl that looked like a blue sky that was engraved in my mind the most.

In the middle of the event, there’s this Tula-Dula, an expressive poetry about a bird by the UP Repertory Company, all eyes were on them as they performed their act. Their expressive movements seemed like they could pull you along with the emotions projected on their faces. It was a wonderful and amusing performance.

The interactive exhibit ended by 5:30pm. Some guests and even members of UP Tomo-Kai still wanted to continue but we somehow took a group photo and packed everything up before the doors closed. We were exahausted but hardly felt it. It was rewarding for us all because guests and even those in charge of booths were able to learn and enjoy new things about the culture of Japan and the Philippines. Some guests were lucky to get our limited edition shirts and guests who completed the stamp cards given at the registration booth were able to get freebies. We are thankful to everyone that went to our event and made it successful. We hope to see you in out upcoming events this April!

Huni: An Interactive Exhibit is brought to you by UP Tomo-Kai. This event is in cooperation with the UP Diliman-Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (UP Diliman OICA) and in partnership with HallyUP and UP Palaweños. We would also like to thank arkadymac.com and magnetic-rose.net for being our media partners.




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