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Indayog: An AcousTKafe

On a Spring Afternoon

Arielle Garcia, Batch Hachikou


Last April 22, 2016, UP Tomo-Kai presented to you Indayog: An AcousTKafe. The smell of coffee and tea filled the room as guests entered PH 400. In the center of the room near the front, a sakura tree stood with low tables on banig surrounding it so some guests could take a seat on the floor as they listened to bands perform.


A few sakura petals were scattered on the floor making it seem like the sakura fell naturally on the ground. This gave the guests an experience of something similar to hanami, which means “flower viewing”. Some guests took pictures with the painting of Miss Atsuko Yamagata that Miss Atsuko painted live with music in our first event, Huni: An Interactive Exhibit. The painting was full of color that added to the atmosphere along with the flowers in it. This year, despite the heat of the summer outside, we brought spring.

IMG_6586 copy

Members and applicants of UP Tomo-Kai also served snacks as guests listened to Duomo, Momiji, Z, asterysk*, members from UP Music Circle, and TK Live perform Japanese and Filipino music. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon away from the sun’s heat. Guests left refreshed with smiles on their faces. Thank you everyone for coming!


Indayog: An AcousTKafe is brought to you by UP Tomo-Kai.
Co-presented by ZALORA
In cooperation with the UP Diliman-Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (UP Diliman OICA).
Partner Organizations: HallyUP, UP Deutscher Verein, UP KAISA (K1), UP Arirang and University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts.
Media Partners: arkadymac.com, magnetic-rose.net, DZUP, Wazzup Pilipinas, Post Your Event, AKTIVshow and 1 Digimedia Audiovisuals Inc.


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