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Hiyaw: A Night of Exhilarated Hearts

Hiyaw: A Night of Exhilarated Hearts

Angel Guerrero, Batch Gintoki

To celebrate its 25th year, Tomo-kai‘s Hanakotoba,  a poetry of flowers, brought silence to life and propagated the joy of unspoken words through various anniversary events. The month-long celebration ended with the very loud school festival-themed HIYAW that highlighted the delight of spring in full bloom which featured performances from by UP Tugma, UP Kontra-GaPi, goenKendama, UP Sangkil Karasak, UP CIS Bunraku Ensemble, UP CIS Noh Ensemble and Munimuni.


Everyone’s faces lighted up with the sight of the center piece, a handmade sakura tree. Exposure to both the Japanese and Filipino culture was experienced first-hand by guests through fun and exciting interactive booths from different universities and partner organizations throughout the night. The eagerness to take a glimpse of how Japanese high school festivals feel can be felt as guests roamed around several times and curious eyes peeked at various booths offering knowledge about practices such as kitsuke, the art of wearing a kimono. New meetings and friendliness brought about by the atmosphere gave way to light interactions and conversations.

Despite the rain, the energy peaked and hearts refuse to be dampened. Everyone even joined in the community dance, Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, with much delight and contentment. It was a night for new experiences and bonding between friends amidst the crowd. Anticipation for next year’s anniversary can be felt with the continuous giggling and glee from everyone until the end. Everyone, including the members and partners enjoyed the night and brought with them a valuable memory that cannot simply be spoken but cherished in their hearts.

Hiyaw: A Cultural Night is brought to you by UP Tomo-Kai.

This event is co-presented by ZALORA, MP THIRD Lights and Sounds, Jack ‘n Jill Calbee Potato Chips, Nissin Yakisoba, Jack ‘n Jill Quake Overload, and ELMNO PH.

In cooperation with the UP Diliman-Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (UP Diliman OICA).

Special thanks to Accenture in the Philippines

Partner Organizations: HallyUP, UP KAISA (K1), University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts, UP Art Studies Society, UP Sandiwa, PNU NAMI, GakUEn-REALM, Thomasian Nihon Kyoukai, Hinomoto, and BPSU Filipino – Nihongo Cultural Society

Media Partners: arkadymac.com, magnetic-rose.net, DZUP, WazzupPilipinas.com, Post Your Event, AKTIVshow and 1 Digimedia Audiovisuals Inc.



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