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Acquaintance Party 1617A

Acquaintance Party 1617A

Iska Cendaña, Batch Ohana

The month may have welcomed us with a downpour of rain, but that didn’t stop us from welcoming the new academic semester with a blast!
Last August 18, UP Tomo-Kai held an acquaintance party at the Lorena Barros Hall. Every year, the organization holds a party to welcome the new set of exchange students from Japan, providing them with a venue for interaction, and helping them make new friends, who assist them during their stay here in the country.
The program formally started at around 6:30 in the evening with opening remarks from the organization’s Vice President. Next were performances from the members; a dance cover and renditions of Filipino and Japanese songs. There was also a song cover from the Japanese students.
Games were held in between. First was the Unity Game, where each pair was to perform the same action based on the given word for the round while wearing blindfolds. Another was the Charades Game, where the first member was to read the word and act it out to the next member until the message reached the last person, who guesses the word. The last game was saying the longest Cebu Pak Ganern! The room was filled with laughs and giggles. The uneasiness during the start of the event was replaced with comfort in each other’s presence.
The closing remarks from the event head and the Academics Committee head signaled the end of the program. Dinner was also served. This was the time when both the members and the Japanese students interacted, got to know, and eventually made friends with each other. There were around 60 people who attended and everybody actively participated. The party ended at around 9 pm.
All in all, the party was a success. It lasted for a very short time but everybody went home with a full belly and a happy heart. This is only the start of the many things that would make their stay here in the university a memorable one.


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