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Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Maid Special

Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Maid Special

Jazzy Jamelo, Batch Warai

How could you think that the ‘trick’ even exists when all there is to see… is a treat?

Said treats are the more than luscious set meals, and the unlimited drinks that are sure to attract even the undead. It is the unforgettable thrill of being welcomed decorously by maids clad in the white ruffles of an apron, wearing their brightest smiles. Worth mentioning as well are the dashing people in their shiny black suits. As one of them leads you to your seat, you hear mellifluous music played live on the piano, as if enchanting you to relax, enjoy, eat, and drink to your heart’s content as there is no more room for horror but delight. All this in the Halloween-themed Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten! Though shiroshitsuji translates to white butler café, this year, shiro takes on a new meaning; instead of ‘white’ it means ‘castle’, explaining the overall medieval feel of the café.

In its third year, UP Tomo-Kai brought about a pleasant twist of incorporating tricks and thrills as it timed the event to coincide with the season of spooks. This engagingly manifested in the spider web patterns and a red candle rose on the center of each table, the bat cut-outs, more sinewy spider webs and even mysterious portraits hung in the walls of PH 400 as if to resemble an old haunted manor. Let the image be completed as the servers in the spotlight this year are none other than lovely maids, hence the ‘Maid Special’ in the title. A ‘trick’, you may say, because contrary to what Shiroshitsuji really means, which is white/castle butler, this time we have shiro meido! All of them were clad in cute aprons sewed wonderfully by the skillful hands of our very own Laurie-senpai of Batch Bentou.

Surely the main attraction here would be the set meals carefully thought of to satisfy our ouji-sama and hime-sama. As one who actually bought a piece, I can say that my taste buds liked the spaghetti and the adobo onigiri. Therefore, I would like to applaud the wholesome effort I had seen in the backstage of the café as the team, headed by Casey-senpai, were in the hustle and bustle of preparing these foods! They were all so eager to see their masterpieces be eaten. There were also Japanese exchange students who took part in the event by helping out in the preparation of the set meals. How cute is that?

As a part of the documentary team, I believe that I captured moments of genuine smiles from each ouji-sama and hime-sama who visited the café. I attribute that to the devoted service of each maid and butler who had done so much more to please them by performing their talents of singing and dancing, and more! One customer even requested two songs from a maid! It was all filled with so much fun as there were games to play like Jenga and playing cards (of course, personally assisted by their servers).

During the four shifts of the event, I had never seen the servers falter in their enthusiasm to finish in victory. There were many times that a customer would request a table for himself. Well, wow, I assume one can’t just get enough of the experience, haha!

I haven’t been to any cosplay café yet so I can’t compare, but one thing I’m truly sure of is that what made the third year of Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten successful is the combined efforts put into the planning and execution of this occasion. I’m also very sure that the head of this event—Alynna-senpai of Batch Yamato, is very proud of it.

Otsukare UP Tomo-Kai!

And for you who is reading this, see you next year!
Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Maid Special is brought to you by UP Tomo-Kai.
This event is co-presented by Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc., Moonleaf Tea Shop, and Genki Sushi Philippines.
Special thanks to Cake Haven and Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃.
Media Partners: Wazzup Pilipinas and arkadymac.com



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