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Your Guiding Light: Applicants’ Orientation 1617B


Your Guiding Light: Applicants’ Orientation 1617B

Mei Tanpoco, Batch Hachikou

“The sun may set, and the dark may loom,

but the journey never stops;

look to the stars and the moon!”


Last February 3, 2017, UP Tomo-Kai held its semestral applicant’s orientation entitled ‘Illuminate’ , marking the start of the organization’s application period.  The title ‘Illuminate’ was coined in line with this year’s anniversary theme; ‘Kataware-doki’ which literally means ‘Twilight’. The orientation was held from 5:30 to 7 in the evening at the Activity Center which can be found at the 4th floor of Vinzons Hall.

The program, hosted by members from the Membership Committee: Jeselle Laguna, Adrian Marzan and Dally Delos Santos, started with a short but very detailed presentation of the organization’s past, present and future activities delivered by UP Tomo-Kai’s president, Paul Daniel Ang.

After the presentation, the hosts briefly explained the different practices in the organization that would be essential to the applicants of the organization, such as proper self introductions in Japanese (jikoshoukai), the essence of SKR (senpai-kouhai relationship), as well as the unwritten rules of the organization.

This was followed by the introduction of the  5 different committees of UP Tomo-Kai. With the goal of shedding some light on the functions of each committee, short but informative presentations were prepared by the committee members. Every semester is a competition on which committee can showcase the best performance and clearly show the important roles of their committee to the organization. This is to be voted upon by the applicants themselves.

The first three committees to present prepared very meaningful videos ahead of time for everyone’s entertainment. The lights were turned off to imitate the atmosphere of a cinema, engulfing the room in darkness with the projected video as the only source of lighting, capturing the attention of all.

The first video came from the Academics and  Research Committee (Acadcom). Their video sent the whole room bursting into laughter with their interesting spoof of the recently popular anime ‘Kimi no na wa’ (Your Name). Acadcom put together snippets from the movie which would suit the different activities of the committee and at the same time provided subtitles different from the real script of the movie.

The next video was from the Membership Committee (Memcom), who presented a brief but calming video of  the members showcasing various yoga poses, first as individuals and later on by group. At first it was very confusing as to why they chose to do yoga for their presentation. However, this only shows the characteristics that a membership committee member must possess, which is mostly being calm and patient, just as with doing yoga. Memcom showed not only their individual capabilities but also how important it is not only for the committee but for the whole organization to be able to work with each other.

For the last video, the Publicity and Publications Committee (Pubcom) showed everyone a very creative video spoof of the Philippine anti-piracy ad campaign which originally features actor, Derek Ramsay. In their video, they were able to show the activities usually done by the committee such as creating pubmats and decorations for events, which were shown by the Illuminate poster scene and the cherry blossom paper cut-outs scene respectively. Indeed, it was a very interesting watch and it sent everyone in the room laughing.

The Resources and Linkages Committee (Rescom) on the other hand performed a short comedy skit, where they reenacted various scenes from the latest news and trends such as the recent Miss Universe competition, Beyonce’s pregnancy and James Reid’s Milo Energy gap dance. Although very vague at first, the committee eventually explained the essence of their skit and what each scene meant for the committee, such as the different activities (tambayan clean-up) and the characteristics needed by a Rescom member.

Lastly, the Finance and Marketing Committee (Fincom) lived up to its name and gave a formal PowerPoint presentation about their committee. Similar to a company meeting scenario, Fincom was able to not only inform the applicants about their work but also to give them firsthand experience of how to be a Fincom member through their formal report.

After the committee performances, the applicants and the members played ‘Human Bingo’, a game which encouraged the participants to interact with  and get to know each other by looking for common things between the two players. The first few people to complete the bingo card provided received prizes from the Membership Committee.

As the activity neared its end, the  requirements for application in UP Tomo-Kai were briefly explained and application forms were handed out to all the potential applicants who attended.

People always equate darkness with bad endings; however, let us not forget that in every darkness there will always be a presence of light,  just like the twinkling of the stars and the warm light radiated by the moon. There will always be light to guide you along your journey and UP Tomo-Kai not only hopes to accompany the applicants through their own journeys  but also to serve as guiding lights as they continue on with their application in the organization.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone who attended the activity and we hope to see you soon!



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