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A Room Full of Stars

Jazzy Jamelo, Batch Warai

They say it’s hard to see stars in busy, crowded sites where there are several other lights; yet the stars had truly shined their brightest as UP Tomo-Kai proudly presented Kislap: An Interactive Exhibit last April 7.

Said stars for this event are the seven culturally engaging and mood delighting booths that twinkled and charmed all the visitors as they filled up the room of Palma Hall 400.

First off, greeting everyone with several colorful, printed patterns and carefully folded pieces of paper was the Origami booth. Some visitors spotted here had their eyebrows drawn together as they crafted all sorts of creatures and flowers with passion through the demand of precision of folding.

Patience was truly a virtue valued in the Bracelet Weaving booth as the endurance of fingers were tested in braiding thin strands of thread. Different braiding styles and techniques could be observed as the visitors were guided by our members. I wonder if there were any pairs who accidentally pulled a red string together. You know what I mean?

And who would have missed the simple patterns to elaborate designs on fabric worn by everyone who experienced Kitsuke-the art of wearing Kimono? FILIPICA enthusiastically and efficiently administered this booth as people lining up for it piled up. The visitors wore the Japanese traditional garments with glee, pacing the room with radiant smiles and posing for their selfies and pictures on a background with a temple in it.

Another booth that FILIPICA masterfully managed is the Shoudo booth. There, one could ask for his or her name to be written in beautiful strokes of Japanese Calligraphy.

Of course, we cannot simply dismiss Mr. Raymond Cosare’s expertise on Baybayin. His knowledge on the Filipino’s indigenous alphabet showed in his confident hands as he proudly wrote the names of all his visitors.

Beside this is the Games and Books booth that took everyone back to their childhood roots as games like sungka, jackstone, kendama and other toys were free to be played with. It was nice to see how some of the visitors learned to play Sungka from this booth! They were also free to browse all these manga from the UP Tomo-Kai Library.

And last but not the least, the visitors were obviously so mesmerized as they experienced conflict about eating or staring at the beautifully detailed sweets in the Sweets Making booth. A fun fact I’d learned is that these sweets actually change depending on the season of their country, so if you noticed, a lot of the sweets featured Sakura or Cherry blossoms because it is spring season in Japan right now!

Making this event brighter were the performances of UP TUGMA, or Tugtugang Musika Asyatika, and Spoken Poetry from Miggy Arnonobal.

Behind all of these were members Iska, Dally, and their team, who did a job well done. Otsukare!

Kislap was the first of the many events in UP Tomo-Kai’s month-long celebration of its 26th anniversary. It was our front-runner event carrying the banner of Kataware-Doki before our other events. Be sure to watch out for more!

KISLAP: An Interactive Exhibit is brought to you by UP Tomo-Kai.

This event is co-presented by Jellyfish Education Consultancy (Study and Work in Japan), and is in cooperation with Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃.
We would like to thank our partner organization HallyUP, and our media partners, arkadymac.comand Wazzup Pilipinas.



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