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Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Twilight Hour

Denisse Obispo, Batch Warai

Imagine a dim room, candle-lit tables and white roses, a fusion of Filipino and Japanese food, games, and handsome butlers to play them with…

White Day in the University of the Philippines just got more enchanting as UP Tomo-Kai opened a one-day butler cafe for everyone to enjoy. It was held last March 17 at Palma Hall Rm 400. Through Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Twilight Hour, run by handsome and skilled men and women from the organization who butled- yes, it’s a word- with smiles and cheers, the UP community had the most wonderful and unique White Day experience yet.

The cafe, sponsored by Loops Crochet, was themed after the most mysterious period of twilight, when it is neither night nor day. The ambiance set by dim candles on black and white mantles, floor lights, and the warm welcome of good-looking butlers awed guests as soon as the doors of Palma Hall 400 opened. It was like stepping into a whole new world far from the University.

As one took a seat, a butler would come to take their order- a set meal of either Spaghetti a la TK, or Tuna Sandwich and chips. The food choices were not limited to this, however, because guests could choose to order Sushinoy, a fusion of Filipino and Japanese food that was basically hotdog and cheese wrapped in rice and nori, or Brownies dusted with powdered sugar. To wash it down were various unlimited drinks- iced tea, lemonade, and coffee.

While eating, guests were free to interact with their butlers- some conversed with them, others played games (i.e. UNO, cards, etc), and others asked for their dashing butlers to show their talents! There was dancing, singing, instrument-playing, and more.

To commemorate the experience, a photobooth was open for guests and butlers. There, they could capture group photos in front of a twilight background.

Aside from the sound of excited chatters, beautiful piano music filled the room the whole time, thanks to one of our skilled members.

Despite midtern exams hanging above their heads, non-stop laughter and joy echoed through the walls as the guests experienced the cafe for an hour and immersed themselves in conversations and games with friends and the butlers of UP Tomo-Kai. That day, an hour of fun and magic took their minds off from all their stress.

We would like to thank everyone who came to the event! Please look forward to our future cafes, ojou-sama and goshujin-sama ~
Shiroshitsuji no Kissaten: Twilight Hour is brought to you by UP Tomo-Kai.

This event is co-presented by Loops Crochet.

Media Partners: Wazzup Pilipinas and arkadymac.com.



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