UP Tomo-Kai actively engages itself in various activities throughout the academic year. Some of these activities include:

1. Anniversary Month Celebrations

Come join us as we celebrate the founding of Tomo-Kai! This month-long event takes place in the University every April. The many parts of this event include the Interactive Exhibit, the Kissaten, and last but most certainly not the least, the Cultural Night featuring performances from the best of both cultures. The best thing of all? All events are free admission!

2. Sulyap – Nihongo Short Film Competition

Sulyap began in 2008 in order to further spread and encourage the interest in the Japanese culture and language. It showcases short film entries (short being ~15 minutes) that MUST have at least 90% of the dialogue in Japanese. The competition is traditionally held in March of the second semester, and accepts contestants from any region and any university – in short, everyone can join!

3. Dance Performances

Dances have always been part of any culture: the intricate costumes and steps that stems from centuries of rituals, social rules, emotions, history – the country itself. Tomo-Kai is in one way also a performing org. We have performed traditional Philippine and Japanese dances around the University and even beyond, and we are also often invited to various venues in order to spread a touch of culture where needed.

4. Tours for Japanese Friends

Every year, many Japanese exchange students enter and study in the University. Tomo-Kai makes sure that their stay here in the Philippines is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible; one of the ways we do this is by arranging tours around Manila or Marikina, soaking up the culture, forming new friendships, one place at a time.

5.Outreach Programs

Tomo-Kai prides itself on being a socially-aware and responsible organization. At least once a year, TK members take some time off to help and volunteer in philantrophic ventures by the USC or by NGOs. We believe that helping other people is a valiant and noble duty.

6. Nihongo Lessons

Nihongo tutorials are regularly held at the Tomo-Kai tambayan for both members and applicants. Once the basics of the language are grasped and learned, it is the now-learned member’s turn to spread his own knowledge to other people. Tomo-Kai members are also active participants in Saturday Nihonggo tutorials held every other week by Filipica.


7. Lectures and Workshops

Attend our lectures and workshops about Japan and the Philippines with guest speakers and professors. We cover various topics from study opportunities in Japan, traditional dances, writing systems, origami, Filipino and Japanese time, etc. With the launch of our very own lecture series, PRISMO, you can be sure there’s more to come.


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